Car Driving School Simulator App Reviews

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Needs Crash Damage!!

It Needs crash damage and after you back away they don’t keep driving!

Speed limit and a Maps

This game is really good and I am giving it 5 stars. But the thing is the speed limits are so low and no one in real life drives that slow. As well as I would love bigger maps so free driving wouldn’t be that boring because of the small maps. In real life people go over the speed limit all the time and you move so slow. Other than really good game and hope you make not just bigger maps but more apps. To BoomBit Team

City Driving School

This is the Best game that has ever been created. Although I wish there were service vehicles in this game as well. But other than that it is a well rounded game. You should decently download this game if you are looking for a really awesome driving sim.

Download THIS NOW!!!!!!!

This is the coolest game ever!!!!! You get to drive against other players funnn mph to 60 in Tokyo omggg xoxo this game plz made chat

Teaches well for an app

Yep! Lov it

This is a question that you need to answer!!

I really like this game, but how do I reset it, because I have played all of the levels on another device that is connected to this one and I want to start over and redo them?


I love this game. When I am boo I play this game and never wait to stop!!!!!!😍😍😍

Too Sensitive

In this game you drive a car realistically and I like that, but it is WAY too sensitive. When I am turning the bus on to a road it always gives me a “do not cross the solid line -60 points” also on a four lane road I should be able to change lanes without the route telling me to yet. I also get tired of the low speed limits I me 30 for a four lane road! Come on you can do better than that! And also please get rid of the turn on engine penalty it makes no sense for pushing a petal and nothing happens.


It’s a great game it just I wish you could interact with the buildings and with gas stations you can put gas in the car and I with you can customize your character that’s driving the car just some suggestions 😃



Good game but needs a few updates

First of all I would like to say this is a good game but it needs improvement u should be able to break laws in free drive and get out of car and buy a home and have a job and would can also be police but if ur not then when u make a violation of the laws if a cop sees it then they come at u with lights and siren comes at u with lights and siren on and does a traffic stop but if u do a pursuit then the police requests backup/enforcement or if a cop gets a dispatched to a pursuit then he comes Besides that it’s good pls make this update pls pls pls oh and also let people go 5 kmh or 5 mph above the speed limit unless it’s a school zone and increase the speed limits and traffic pls pls pls oh and when u crash ur car it should be like a regular car crash pls pls pls pls in school zone it should be 20 mph and on highway u should be able to go 5 mph above the speed limits 60 mph=65mph limit 65 mph=70mph limit 70mph=75mph limit and 75mph=80 mph limit by the mph without limit I mean it should say on the sign but u can go 5 mph above the speed pls pls pls add that it would just make the game better besides that it is rly rly good I’m a kid btw pls pls pls make it like that and remove the sleigh it’s too non realistic replace with a Nissan Altima 2012 pls and the cars should damage when they crash by damage I mean get dents or scratches or headlight damages pls pls pls make this update it would make the game better for me there should also be emergency blinkers and stuff u can buy and homes u can buy and stuff u can buy from stores and there should be jobs u can have and there should be more traffic laws like yield signs and there should be police who pull u over when they see u break a law or if they get dispatched and if u start a pursuit they request backup and the police should tase shoot or arrest or give u a fine or a ticket or a citation or a warning pls pls pls make this update


Put more Cities or Levels Every month so people don’t delete the game plzz

Needs work

I like the game but I don’t like how you have to use your coins to open another city.

I love it!

The quality and graphics and exceptional! I love this game because I love to drive and it passes time! I play it to help wind down from my day!


Hi , my name is Janae and I just wanted to say that your game is so fun and it’s amazing how you gat the car to play music. But about the music I just wanted to suggest if you can play , like 2016 songs 2017 songs and 2018 songs

Do this please

Can you do this like say you live in California you can put were you live like which courty you live which state which city and which street you on Or in thakes a bunch if you do.

It’s the best but it could be better ...

I love this app so much but if u could could u make it to where the people who is playing it can Uber other people.Also can u make a working gas station and car wash!!❤️ Can u also make it to wear each player has a house and we can build the house ,Go to super market,Go to work ,Dance Also we can buy things for our cars.We can have our own avatar that we can work to get money to buy cloths and stuff!

It's ok

The driving is fun, but the speed limit is too low. The frozen lake drifting school is too hard. And I get penalties for crashing accidentaly! I the that. Everything else is fine though.

Good game but I have a problem

I downloaded the game a while ago and I loved it. I had over 400,00 coins and then I deleted it because it was lagging. I then saw it was updated so I downloaded it again and it said I passed all California levels but had no coins? I can’t get anymore points and I can’t go on anymore levels. Please help.

One thing needs to be either added or fixed

It’s a good game but it said in the update the we would be able to customize cars i don’t see it please add that

1 bug

This game is honestly amazing and fun to play but there’s ones issue. When I’m in the app and it’s loading to go to the homepage it randomly comes out of the app. It’s been happening a bunch of times and I’ve tried to delete the game and re download it but it’s not working. Please fix this bug because I really like this game and it would be a shame for em to get rid of it!!

I love this game but....

On lesson 4 on Canada , the points to get the gold medal are to high to get , also on Tokyo level 4

It’s great but something went wrong...

This app is super fun and I would rate a five-star review, but I lost all of my cars and maps. I had access to all the cars because I bought them with coins, and I had access to all maps, but something happened and it’s like it completely restarted. All of my completed lessons restarted, I don’t have my cars anymore (I need to re-buy them) and I can’t use the maps anymore. I need to re-do and re-buy what I did with my coins, and I don’t even have the same amount I did before. I hope I get things back and this doesn’t happen again!

Best game ever!!!.❤️😍😘

It is sooo entertaining! And it helps learn the rules of the road. I totally recommend this game!👍🏻😁

fun game but..

this game is fun to play when you want to learn how to drive. it also gets you prepared for the actual test. I recommend this to anyone. I do have one problem. the phone gets hot when you play it for a few minutes and drains the battery. please fix this. I have the iPhone X.





Car driving school simulator

Thank you so much for your game!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙


The game is great but there aren’t many cars so maybe add a Jeep, a rolls royce, a Bugatti, or a BMW i8. Or you could just add motorcycles because that would be cool in a game like this because it is different and people want different. Or maybe a cruise control.


It’s good I just not good enough the one thing I hate is you updated it but you shouldn’t I like new cars and then we try to press pause and you listening to like to music that you really like the music just changes I really think you need to change that

Customization options

The game itself is good but every time I play I use a basic looking car I just want to be able to customize my cars I use like once you get to level 25 you can customize your cars

Really fun and exciting

The game engine is just so smart and mirrors realistic driving more truly than any other driving game I’ve played before. Tokyo is amazing and is now my favorite map because it’s so wonderful. Suggestions? Well, with the second available bus when you’re in the interior point of view you can’t see the speedometer which is mildly annoying because I love interior mode the most. Also this seems to be an issue with all interior camera views for all vehicles but the speedometer shown on the inside of the car doesn’t match the real speed. For example, the speed limit could be 35 and on the speedometer it says 32 or 33 yet I get a violation for going over the speed limit. Besides those two minor issues and a few others like being given a penalty despite not being in violation of anything the game is amazing! Can’t wait for even more new maps and more new vehicles (buses are my favorite)


What I’ve been waiting for UPDATE , I over love this game sooo much 💜 I play it 24 hours a day to the point that I’ve beat almost every level on cars and bus mode so the fact that the update is here I can play even more ! I’m excited

This game is great

Out of all the car games I have played this is definitely the best the only thing I don’t like is that I cannot see the speed I am going. Other than that I love this game.


Suggestion ad a police car

Best game

This is the best game ever it is so realistic and I feel it actually teaches u how to drive young 😍😍😍💗💗💗💙💞


Your game is great it even has a radio it is so unique but it is also so freaking stupid. Your game is all about following the rules. And yet your extra drivers or whatever don’t follow rules. When another car is driving down a straight street(example) and your coming out of a parking garage you don’t just drive out on that street and pray to god that the other car will swerve out of the way. You have to wait. Your automatic cars need to know how to wait. I know that what I just said is the law for driving. Another example is the streetlights.this is the worst. When I am driving straight on a streetlight and and another car on the other side of the road wants to turn left they have to wait for the straight away cars to go FIRST. And yet I get XP taken away by crashing into them or swerving and crossing the double line or something. I am 13 years old and you guys are how old and you can’t get the law down into your game. You are pathetic. But I still love your game because it is the best.


I have had this app for a month now, and playing this is really fun! But to make game play better for all, I have a few suggestions. 1. Please please please raise the speed limits, or at least let us go a few miles over the limit, like in real life. It's annoying when the limits are so slow and you need to go faster. 2. I think you should add more traffic. Not only is that in real life, but it's also kind of weird when in one of the photos, it shows lots of traffic. There isn't. 3. Add more levels/maps. I have been through all of the maps and have gotten golds on every level. I also think you should make the maps longer, so it's more to drive. 4. You should have an option to pick a type of weather to drive in. Like if you want to practice driving in snow, there should be a way to pick the whether.


It’s a awesome game. Love it so much.😻🎮🎮💍😄😁😘😂😍😃😁😆😂🤣😀😃😄😅😆☺️🙂😌🙃😉😉😘😍 😗😙😚😚😋😚😋😛😝😜🤪

Greatest game ever,but needs work

I love how your app is so realistic and it feels like I’m actually driving a car I love how you have the different types of cars and the different types of maps to change to. I noticed that when your driving in the drivers seat the speed in the speedometer isn’t the same as the other camera angles that you can drive on and if you could bring the speed higher that would be amazing Overall great game👍


That this game Will help you with driving on the normal Street and so if you take driving training or something then this could help you out a little bit.


Really good but anyone know how to rent a car on the game??

The best game

Hello everyone this game is my favorite game because it really helps you learn how to drive and it’s is really fun to play I have been playing the game for about 2 years and it is still the best game in the world


Everything on this game is very very good it has helped me drive and is very realistic.But my only concern is that when I drive the vehicle it just starts to glitch. Thank you,🙍🏽‍♀️

Vehicle and places

Can y’all add more vehicle and bigger places. The cars should also have a dashboard like a real vehicle with a rpm and mph speedometer not just the digital one

I used to love it.

I USED to love it. I got gold metals in every map except for the frozen lake because it is ridiculously hard, so I deleted it to restart. It got rid of all my data except for the gold metals, so all my cool cars were gone and now I can’t get any coins to re buy them because I already have the gold medals. Also, Tokyo has been coming soon for months so please finish it.

Great but needs some work

This game is awesome but the map is the way of seeing the street light!

Game crash a lot

When I play I end up getting more negative than positive and takes a long time to load

Great, but needs work

The app and locations are great, and it is really fun but 3 things need to be fixed. Number one, the frozen lake drift school. It is so annoying because it gives random inexplainable time penalties, and the idea just does not work. The function and rules are super vague, so I hate it. There’s no future for the idea, so just remove it. Number two, increase the speed the speed limits. I like the driving part of the app, but the speed limits are so low that it gets very hard and a little boring driving at that low speed. So I want to increase the lowest speed limit to 20 mph, and the highest 60 mph, like the interstate in the California map. Number three, can you let people go five mph or kph above the speed like in real life, and make a lowest speed limit for us to drive? Rather than these three issues, the game is really fun. Last thing I want to say is can you add more maps? I have got a gold medal in every single level in every single map (except for frozen lake school because I refuse to play) and it’s gets boring to redo levels and drive free drive infinitely. But nice game!

Love it

I love this game because it’s like your driving in real life

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